A Greenville Gem: Reedy Falls Park

For a split second I thought of a cheesy Hallmark title for this blog post – Falling in Love with Reedy Falls.  Thankfully, that would have been misleading… I was in love with the park long before I moved here.  The new title is quicker to the point.  Falls Park on the Reedy River is one of Greenville’s gems and will most likely be featured over and over in my blog.

One of my earliest memories with my wife’s family is a picnic lunch we shared here when Christina and I were still dating.  I thought it was cool, but since I wasn’t thinking I’d ever live here, it was nothing to get too attached to.  However, as work grew ever more “travely” and the possibility of moving here became more a reality, the park was something I immediately knew I wanted to live near.  I’ve been to many big cities and seen many of their parks, but few have such an impressive feature – not to mention right in the middle of a city that has been perfectly built up to take full advantage of the waterfront.

Lest you believe I am overstating my case, allow me to illustrate with a picture the perfection of the park on a sunny afternoon:

Reedy Falles Park

Taken from the Liberty Bridge, an impressive suspension bridge arching over the river.

Yep, that’s right.  Lion King is in fact playing in the theater downtown.  Sharp eyes you have there.  Also, in case you missed it, the waterfall is amazing!  There are paths winding down below the bridge to the waterside with a trail that runs 2.5 miles to Cleveland Park by the Greenville Zoo.  Christina and I hope to walk it soon, though she might need a few rests along the way with that third trimester baby wearing her out!  In the Summer you’ll see people splashing about in the water and some adventurous souls sliding down the rocks to their early graves.

The walking path along the river that you can see in this picture takes you to some fine dining, art galleries, and a bubble tea bar.  I’ve only eaten at Soby’s, which is on the other side of that bridge you see in the background, but it was amazing.  Best shrimp and grits I’ve ever had, and I look forward to more.  It’s part of a restaurant group called Table 301, and I’ll be reviewing them more in full as I try them.  I’m definitely looking forward to a nice meal overlooking the water some day soon.

So, if you ever need a reason to feel good about a move to Greenville, let this be one of the primary reasons.  Make sure it doesn’t trump having family nearby (easy to ensure when your family is as awesome as mine), but make sure it ranks highly.  Every house we looked at I actually plotted on a map to see how far from Reedy Falls Park it would be.  Anything over 15 minutes was out of the question.  Where we are now is 12 minutes away (and 12 minutes the other direction to the airport… another place I’ll visit often), and I couldn’t be happier.

I’ve lived in Greenville two and a half weeks and been downtown to the park now 5 times.  It hasn’t even started to get old, and I haven’t explored the half of it.  I love my new city.