Leaving “Home” to Make a New One

For the last fourteen and a half years I’ve lived in Louisville, KY.  I was there for my final three years of high school, four years of college, and another seven years of the usual “life beginning” miscellany.  I began a career in web development, found a bride, bought a home, and delivered my daughter.  In Louisville I learned to love God, love my neighbors, and love a woman – none of these as easy as you might expect.  My tastes in music, travel, food, and drink all developed over time so that I now rock out instead of croon country, fly to Europe and around the U.S. enjoying the best local food I can find, and drink down a bitter beer or strong red wine with my steak.

Louisville has been my home these many years and has shaped the development of so much in my life, that it was quite intimidating to consider leaving it for a new home.  However, the stresses of traveling employment (primarily on my significant other) with a growing family (I’ve a son due in June!) necessitated just such a change.  Fortunately, I work from home for a company I helped found called Commerce Guys, so nothing requires I remain in Louisville, even if the wonderful community, church, and city that we’ve grown to love as a family will all be hard to replace.

My wife and I determined to have our second child, William Christopher, in Louisville and then get serious about moving to Greenville, SC where her family abides.  The last several times we visited Greenville, I’d been looking at homes, neighborhoods, and churches anyways to determine whether or not I’d be able to move us here and be happy about it.  I was warming up to the idea and basically felt that if a deal came that was too good to pass up, we’d jump at it, but if nothing happened until 2013, I was more than happy to spend another year in Louisville – at home.

Sadly and fortunately, one of those deals did come our way in the closing days of 2011.  I wandered around the city with a realtor for a good part of one day looking at homes and ruling them out one by one.  We were set to head home on New Year’s Eve when we decided to poke around a few more… and we loved every single one of them.  Two of them were priced to sell and captured our imaginations quite easily.  We decided on the drive home to make an offer, commit the process to the Lord, and move if all signs were a “go.”  As it turns out, we didn’t hit a single roadblock and became owners of our new home on February 10th, 2012, just 42 days after walking through it for the first time.  The whole process has been quite breathtaking, leaving us hoping to sell our beloved home in Louisville, the venerable Top Porch, in short order.

One of the ironies of moving is that we crammed so many “last” visits to our favorite places and restaurants in Louisville and “last” meals with friends in the final two weeks of our time in Louisville, that it became harder and harder to feel good about the move.  Had I not been under contract, I would have backed out a dozen times.  (I guess that’s why we sign those things…)  Realistically, I probably would’ve stuck it out (the move is good for my family after all), but I was definitely growing more depressed and fretful the closer the day came.  We threw one final giant going away party for our friends and church and hit the road with a mightily packed moving van on February 25th, 2012, and the dust is finally settling here in the new house a week and a half later.

This blog was born out of my desire to both chronicle my move from One Ville to Another and explore the new sights and tastes of Greenville, SC.  I knew I was in for a treat before moving here, as I’ve enjoyed many of the wonderful things around Greeenville (foremost among them the gorgeous Reedy Falls Park downtown), and I wanted to keep a careful record of the new things I find in the coming months.  Perhaps my notes on the boring details of a move (already have my SC Driver’s License), my description of the wonders of the Upstate (can you say Upstate International Beer Festival?), and the pleasures of living near the Thompsons and Whaleys (my in-laws) will both entice and assist those friends of mine I hope follow me down to Greenville some day in the future. You know who you are.

To the rest, I hope you enjoy the blog, and I look forward to hearing what you love best about Greenville… and reminiscing about what we all love best about Louisville.  Louisville will always be my hometown, but Greenville is already shaping up to be a wonderful new home.

4 thoughts on “Leaving “Home” to Make a New One

    • Thanks for stopping by! I’ll be on the lookout for your posts, and believe it or not (I’m sure you will : ), I was actually imagining Gollum dancing around the rocky pool at the base of Reedy Falls when we went there for a walk Sunday evening. Seems wherever my road goes Tolkien has beaten me there.

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Markus! The blog is something of a minor coping mechanism for me throughout the transition, so I appreciate the kind words. 🙂

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